Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training (ADAPT)

Price: $125 cash day of or $130 with online payment.

Participants referred to this program typically have little or no apparent decrease of daily functioning. There are usually indications of current or past “dabbling” with drugs or alcohol that may become problematic, if continued. ADAPT typically is for clients not probated for drug or alcohol charges but would benefit from a brief low-level educational class related to alcohol & drug abuse, dependence, and recovery.

This curriculum is an update of the ADAPT Program originally prepared and facilitated by The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse. Genesis procured rights to ADAPT in 2001 and has updated the content and teaching methods with current information and technology.

A variety of topics are addressed during this 8-hour educational program:

  • Myths & Facts
  • Progression of Dependency
  • Addiction as a Disease
  • Medical Consequences of Substances
  • The Functional Addict or Alcoholic
  • Stages of Change
  • Lifestyle, Stress & Coping
  • Addiction & Treatment
  • Family & Addiction Dynamics
  • The Process of Recovery

The Healing Can Start Today.