Treatment Aftercare Counseling

ACTreatment aftercare is a complimentary service to Genesis treatment graduates. It is an important component to preventing relapse, as it is during the first few weeks after the formal “end” of a client’s treatment that he or she is most likely to relapse.

Aftercare Counseling is designed to create a supportive and comfortable environment in which someone recovering from substance abuse is able to speak openly about his or her feelings, struggles, and strengths during the recovery process.

The length of the program is variable, and each client will have a different aftercare experience. The aftercare protocol also includes independent attendance at support group meetings, and while Genesis’ addiction aftercare services are for our clients’ benefit, they are not a substitute for consistent self-help group attendance.

Preventing relapse is one of our goals as part of the overall treatment process, and our friendly, professional staff members are always available to discuss addiction aftercare with you or your family.