Family Group Counseling

FEPGenesis believes family involvement is an essential component of drug and alcohol counseling, and we strongly encourage all willing family members to participate in our Family Education Group.

This program is run by behavioral and addiction specialists and is designed to help family members grow in recovery with their loved one through education about the disease and its impact on the family. Alcohol and drug abuse education, co-dependency, enabling behaviors, anger management, and family dynamics are just a few examples of topics covered. Individual family sessions with a licensed addiction specialist are also offered as needed to facilitate the counseling process.

Why Use Genesis’ Counselors?

Genesis counselors enable clients and families to understand the disease of addiction during family counseling and education sessions. Drug and alcohol counseling is about understanding why drugs and alcohol have such a hold over one’s life, and how families and clients can make small but important changes to break the cycle of substance abuse.

Family involvement is a critical element of achieving long-term recovery, and these family education and counseling sessions are an important time for both clients and families to develop a strong, positive family dynamic to carry on through the recovery process. Drug and alcohol counseling is an opportunity to speak in a safe environment about the emotions surrounding the recovery process, and can provide a neutral space for both clients and families to speak their minds. Contact Genesis to learn more about our Family Education Program that is a complimentary service to current and past treatment clients.