Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

CrisisIntervTherapeutic crisis intervention is available for individuals going through a hard time, who need to be able to talk with someone who understands their recovery process, feelings, and difficulties. It is a supportive service, complimentary to current and past clients, meant to assist recovery from drugs and alcohol. This service is especially essential during the first few weeks of recovery, as it is during this period that people in recovery are most likely to relapse.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a powerful disease, and emergency counseling is essential for those times when a person becomes emotionally vulnerable to the point where he or she may be on the brink of a relapse. Therapeutic crisis services support individuals in recovery from relapsing by providing a professional, non-judgmental space for individuals to talk about their feelings. Often, relapse can be triggered by stressful family situations, job loss, a death in the family, a breakup, or any other type or crisis in which a person seeks safety and comfort.