Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

ICThere are distinct advantages of individual substance abuse counseling. First of all, there’s the important issue of privacy. If you don’t want to share your story with a group or are afraid that you could lose your job or children in the process, then individual sessions will likely prove beneficial. Individual substance abuse counseling also means that your counselor has more time to work with you one-on-one. Sessions with a substance abuse counselor can often mean digging deeper into issues and reasons that result in your escape to addictive substances.

If you feel too overwhelmed with your own problems to listen to others go on and on about their issues, individual therapy may offer greater results and participation on your part. Finally, you can arrange individual substance abuse recovery sessions around your calendar instead of adjusting to attend pre-scheduled group sessions.

Counseling sessions have a clear structure. However, within the framework of that structure, the content of counseling discussions is largely up to the client. Genesis makes an effort to address effectively the person’s individual needs throughout the counseling process while also recognizing the commonality of many issues in addiction and recovery. People are indeed unique; however, the facets of a human problem like cocaine addiction usually follow familiar patterns.