Diagnostic Substance Abuse Evaluation

Every evaluation begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment performed by one of our on-staff addiction professionals.

Referral for an evaluation does not mean our clients are automatically referred for treatment or other services. Every evaluation begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment performed by one of our on-staff addiction counselors. A Substance Abuse Evaluation looks at past and current substance use patterns, family background and relationships, medical status, legal status, educational background and any history of substance abuse treatment.

Each evaluation results in a typed report being sent to each referring agency. If a substance use diagnosis is identified, we then determine the extent or severity of substance abuse and the lowest level of care required to safely and successfully achieve sobriety.Recommendations in the Evaluation Report are based on each client’s personal history, legal status and risk of ongoing substance use determined during the evaluation process.

What Is Addiction…

A chronic, and progressive disease.

Can be, but is not limited to, an unhealthy dependence on alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medications, food, sexual behaviours, online gaming, gambling or shopping; person’s ability to control or cease use, their level of tolerance, pattern of use and evidence of the symptoms of withdrawal.